Archaeology and heritage photography

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I provide a professional photography service including all aspects of archaeology and heritage work.

Full range of services

  • Studio artefact photographs
  • Onsite insitu artefact photographs
  • Onsite excavation photographs
  • Photography of archaeological features
  • Restoration of damaged photographs

Extensive industry experience

I am able to produce excellent onsite photographs in all conditions including rain, poor light and in trenches or other difficult locations.

In the studio I can photograph large and small objects with particular emphasis on highlighting the important or hard-to-see features of the artefacts.

All my work complies with NSW Heritage Office specifications.

Fully Qualified

I have over 20 years' professional photography experience and several highly recognised qualifications including Certificate IV in Photoimaging and a Diploma of Photoimaging.

My photos are of publication standard and have appeared in several publications, including those produced by The University of Sydney and The Parramatta Heritage Centre. My portfolio showcases some of my archaeological photographs.

I have a proven track record with several companies as highlighted on the testimonials page.

Further Information

Please contact me if you require more information or to book my services.